Specialist VAT training and Support

Accounts staff are generally very good at double entry accounting, which is what they have, in many cases, studied for a lot of years. Accountants study taxes as part of their professional qualifications, but that doesn't make them tax advisers. They are entitled to give tax advice, although in some instances their insurance might not cover them if they got it wrong and cost the client money.

Equally tax advisers have to take accountancy and corporate law papers when doing their professional examinations. That doesn't make them accountants or lawyers. It would not be illegal for them to offer accountancy services: it would just take them longer. This is why we have a fully qualified accountancy practitioner on board: horses for courses.Specialist VAT training

Where there are gaps in staff knowledge we can fill them, either in groups or as individuals.

Examples of specialist training we can provide:

Partial exemption: UK standard method, EU standard method (much less work than UK) special methods.

Land & property: To opt or not to opt, zero rating, 5% relief.

Construction: Zero rating, 5% relief, supplies to charities, supplies to handicapped persons.

International services: Place of supply, requirement to register in other EU member states, reverse charges,