Free Advice From HMRC

You or your financial staff may well have had occasion to ask for advice from HMRC call centres. HMRC have some very experienced staff in the call centres but there will always be a large turnover of staff in that working environment; hence the chances are you will start with someone less knowledgeable than you had hoped.

HMRC call centres are not noted for their speed of response and this is likely to deteriorate with the Chancellor’s remit to reduce HMRC staff numbers by some 25% over an eight-year period which started in April 2004. This policy was extended in 2012 to make for a 30% reduction overall.  This makes for increased compliance costs for businesses with employees, or an additional workload for proprietary businesses.

Call centre staff under increasing pressure

The call centre staff work for the tax Collector and with the best will in the world the taxpayer can’t expect them to provide the most tax efficient solution. Roly’s experience with HMRC and knowledge of how they are organised gives the advantage that he can provide the right answers more quickly. If appropriate we can attract written HMRC approval for the VAT treatment of certain transactions: this is wise where large sums of money are involved.