Assisting taxpayers in compliance

For some taxpayers the VAT legislation has a lot more to it than submitting a quarterly return.

Some taxpayers have to submit EC sales lists, and supplementary declarations as well as quarterly returns. HMRC has a draconian penalty regime to help concentrate the mind

In addition to this they may have to keep certificates or additional documentation to supply proof of the customer's entitlement to zero rate or 5% relief. It would be easy if a single type of document applied to all, but life isn't like that.

Knowing what to submit is a chicken and egg situation. Every responsible business person knows what is being done but knowing that if certain work is undertaken there are extra returns or documentation required is not always second nature.

Mr Batson, The consequences are here

HMRC do not accept that it is for them to notify individual taxpayers of their commitments. This is down to the taxpayer.

We can give the taxpayer assurance that they are on the right side of the law, and we are fully insured to indemnify the taxpayer against any financial loss over any wrongdoing or omission on our part.