About The VAT Man

Roly Pipe CTA

Roly Pipe

Roly Pipe joined the then Customs & Excise in 1989 where he started in audit of small and medium sized businesses.

From there he moved to significant businesses in the construction and property development and ownership sectors along with local authorities.

This was followed by a 3-year spell in the large business division dealing with blue chip companies, primarily in the retail and insurance sectors.

For the last 6 years he was involved in the investigation of tax avoidance arrangements (as opposed to evasion) and some seepage through partial exemption. A significant proportion of these are aimed at reducing the impact of VAT on land and buildings.

He has also delivered staff training in desk-based, on-site and classroom events.

He qualified with the Institute of Indirect Taxation in 2005 and was admitted as an associate in 2006. He left HMRC on 30 June 2007.

Since then the Institute merged with the Chartered Institute of Taxation of which he is now a member.

Mary Pipe

Mary Pipe

Mary's Role in the firm is organisation.

Having spent some 20 years in management positions with up to 80 staff, a geographical area covering the whole of East Anglia and more clients than she cared to count, she is confident she can arrange for the right person to meet the client's needs at the right time.